hillary sage


Hillary B. Sage is a ghost writer from the hills of Southern Ohio. She’s spent her entire career writing for others, in the non-profit and government sectors as well as B2B. Her work has been read by thousands via her myriad clients, as she’s been featured in The Huffington Post, Inc., Science and Advancing Philanthropy. She’s also ghost written two books about productivity and time management.

As an essayist and short story artist, Hillary enjoys writing about what it means to be human. She ponders love, heartache, the joys and maladies of life.

A lifelong learner, she also writes passionately about creativity and productivity. Hillary swears by her bullet journal and morning rituals to get the most out of each day.

She lives a quiet, simple life in the middle of the woods with her husband, a dog named Bo, many chickens and goats. She loves people but recharges by writing, meditating, taking nature walks and spending plenty of time in silence. She’s not on social media, but can be contacted via email at hillaryBsage (at) gmail (dot) com.