allison and i met shortly after i started dating j. her husband, kevin, is one of j’s best friends. allison is creative and thoughtful. she went to school to be an interior designer but recently found herself wanting to be a teacher. she took a (really hard) test to qualify, and is now a full-time high school math teacher, working with some hard-to-serve youth.

allison and kevin are probably the most like j and i. they like to stay home more than the average person, and they both love the outdoors. they are really into skiing and snowboarding. two of my favorite people!

B E A D S   I N   T H I S   M A L A

S E A   G L A S S: for her love of the beach and the natural healing properties of the ocean

M U L T I – C O L O R   A M A Z O N I T E: communication; truth; hope; trust; integrity; enhances intellect, intuition and psychic ability

H O W L I T E: teaches patience; reduces stress, anxiety, tension and anger; facilitates awareness; encourages emotional expression; calms overactive mind; calms communications; strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge

C L E A R    Q U A R T Z: amplifies other crystals and heals, drawing off negative energy. cleanses the mind and body. extremely beneficial for meditation