i began the mala project as a number of things were happening in my life.

in the beginning of 500 hour teacher training, lots of things were coming up for me, i was questioning and dealing with some not-so-comfortable things in my past, struggling with self-worth issues, feeling excited yet uncertain for the future. we had just built and moved into our new house.

simultaneously taking a pranayama teacher training and beginning to practice somatic meditation, i wanted to be intentional about ALL i was manifesting. i intentionally took a hiatus from social media. i began to draw, create jewelry and blog again. i know that i have a need to create every day, but instead of creating, i almost always jumped on social media. it literally felt like an addiction. i wanted to feel better about myself and social media was not helping. i wanted to find out what was in ME without the daily influence of others. i also wanted to explore WHY it was so important for me to share online – for some reason, i felt a need to post nearly every. single. day. in less than a week many things started to become clear where there was fog and confusion.

in the midst of all this change, i received a beautiful hand-made gift from a friend i met on instagram. “how lovely,” i thought.

sans social media i wondered how i might continue to create connection with others.  i began to create a few malas for myself, based on the qualities i wanted to call into my life. then i thought, why not create malas for others? the intentionality of them speak to me. it’s also meditation in motion.

and so the mala project began.

i breathe with each bead i string, and think about the beautiful soul i’m creating the mala for.

  • what do i love about her?
  • what qualities do i wish to emulate?
  • what is her story right now?
  • what might she be working on healing?

i am so excited to randomly make malas for different women who have affected my life.

if you received one, “thank you. you are gift to me, so this is gift for you.”

and if your mala doesn’t feel like it suits you, feel free to re-gift it to someone you think might like it.