i met krisa in early 2000 when we worked in county government together. she introduced me to my husband – her husband, andy, is one of j’s best friends, and has been since high school. krisa’s daughter, mikayla, is m’s best friend.

for many years krisa and i weren’t super close but always enjoyed each other’s company. over the last two years, however, we’ve grown and i now call krisa my sister instead of my friend. she was steadfast through our house build – with a listening ear, glass of wine, an occasional shower as we were without water, and always shared laughter.

krisa and i couldn’t be more opposite but that’s what makes our friendship great. though i’m the yogi, she is, by nature, much calmer than i. she thinks and processes things in ways i wouldn’t ever think to. her perspective is always fresh and interesting. i always learn something about myself when talking to krisa.

W O O D: stability; strength; good fortune; calm; wisdom; grounding; security

M A T T E   A M A Z O N I T E: communication; truth; hope; trust; integrity; enhances intellect, intuition and psychic ability

also added to this mala is an emblem of the four seasons. krisa is not a huge fan of winter. i hope this mala is a reminder that ‘this too shall pass’ during the coldest, darkest months of the year.