marie is the one who sparked my whole idea of the mala project. she and i have never met in person but we became acquaintances on instagram. at one point, marie asked for my address and a week later a sweet little package arrived with hand-drawn/painted notecards and a beautiful felt bird that smelled like lavender. how sweet, i thought.

marie lives in alaska. she’s a creative spirit who enjoys the outdoors. it’s funny that i picked a feather for her – the notecards she sent had feathers on them. she said birds remind her to “rise up, rise above.” yes! do just that marie! i had fun making this little mala for you.

B E A D S   I N   T H I S   M A L A

W O O D: stability; strength; good fortune; calm; wisdom; grounding; security

M A T T E   A M A Z O N I T E: communication; truth; hope; trust; integrity; enhances intellect, intuition and psychic ability

T I G E R ‘ S   E Y E: combination of earth and sun energies – groundedness; heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism, and stalled creativity, helps recognize talents/abiities; assists in making changes; balances yin-yang; lifts mood overall