Today in class you took a ‘dosha questionnaire’ which helped you identify your primary dosha(s). The tri-dosha model consisting of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is a way of seeing the self and the universe. It is a model that falls under Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga.

While your research today will be related to ‘self,’ please understand that Vata, Pitta and Kapha are energies that exist in the universe which are comprised of the 5 elements. All things in the natural universe are said to take on varying levels of each of the doshas. Seasons and time of day also relate to one of the three doshas. The elements related to each dosha are as follows:

  • Vata: ether and air
  • Pitta: air, fire and water
  • Kapha: water and earth

Another important consideration as we begin our discussion next Tuesday is that these doshas go out of balance during certain seasons and in stressful times. A good rule of thumb is to remember that ‘like increases like.’ This will all make more sense as we discuss the topic as a group. Please use the information below to complete your homework assignment for this discussion. You may jot down notes or print off your findings so that you have them for discussion.

HOMEWORK FOR DISCUSSION: Due Tuesday 10/3/17: Ayurveda & the Doshas

  1. Do a Google search using ‘dosha’ and ‘understanding my dosha,’ and familiarize yourself with the overall concept and model. Use at least 3 sources of information.
  2. Look up and familiarize yourself with your primary dosha(s).
  3. Write down or print off several points of interest to be used for discussion in class including but not limited to primary characteristics of your dosha(s) – positive and negative, ways the doshas go out of balance, foods and practices that balance your dosha(s), yoga poses and other practices recommended for your dosha(s), anything else you find interesting.

NOTE: You will need your notes both for class discussion, as well as for final exam. You will receive journal entry points by providing proof of doing this research.