In class Tuesday we briefly discussed the 8 limbs of yoga. For your journal, choose one of the yamas or niyamas to work with and reflect on in your life. The yamas and niyamas are the first two of the eight limbs and are listed below. There are five yamas and five niyamas.

Yama (restraints, avoidances)
Ahimsa – non-violence … turns us from harming ourselves and others to kindness and compassion for ourselves and others
Satya – truthfulness … instead of telling lies and half-truths, we express our authenticity/uniqueness
Asteya – non-stealing … how do you take away from your abilities/potential/time? think of cultivating new skills/abilities
Brahmacharya – moderation/non-greed … can we learn to appreciate and have pleasure without excess?
Aparigraha – non-hoarding/non-possessiveness … can we cultivate intimacy without attachment/possessiveness?

Niyama (moral observances)
Saucha – cleanliness … we cleanse our bodies as well as our thoughts, speech and actions
Santosha – contentment … a practice of gratitude and happiness
Tapas – discipline … about consciously choosing discipline and growth 
Svadhyaya – self study … learning to see ourselves from the outside in
Isvara Pranidhana – surrender … can we pay attention to all that life is asking of us?

Which yama or niyama speaks to you most? Where do you need to work in your life? What is happening right now? Choose one and read a little more about it from an online resource to better understand it before journaling. Please give the topic some thought and write about your own experience of this particular yama or niyama in four or more paragraphs using the comment section below.