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OU-L Fall1 Syllabus 2017

Physical Ability Questionnaire/Medical Info & Release (MUST be completed prior to first asana practice)

PAW 1005 Yoga Points Outline

PAW 1005 Yoga Vocab & 8 Limbs

8 Limbs of Yoga image

Yoga Poses

Dosha Questionnaire

Yoga Prayers Reading Assignment

Yama Niyama Reading/Meditations

Final Experience Paper



Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal – Poses

Movie: Yoga Is

Insight Timer: yoga, pranayama & meditation app for personal practice

Yoga Sutra online


Asana Practice

JOURNAL ENTRY = up to FIVE POINTS due by last class Thursday, October 12th (comments close on 10/12/17) For your last 5 point journal entry write about asana practice. Here are some thoughts to include: How do you feel when there are DAYS between practices instead of...

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Ayurveda & the Doshas

Today in class you took a 'dosha questionnaire' which helped you identify your primary dosha(s). The tri-dosha model consisting of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is a way of seeing the self and the universe. It is a model that falls under Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga....

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“Yoga Is,” the Movie

JOURNAL ENTRY = up to FIVE POINTS due by class this Thursday (COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED.) Please write a short (approximately two to three paragraph) essay on the movie Yoga Is that we watched in class. Background information or a synopsis of the movie is not necessary....

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Yama & Niyama Contemplation: A Journal Assignment

JOURNAL ENTRY = up to FIVE POINTS due by class next Tuesday (COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED) In class Tuesday we briefly discussed the 8 limbs of yoga. For your journal, choose one of the yamas or niyamas to work with and reflect on in your life. The yamas and niyamas are...

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A Brief History of Yoga: READING ASSIGNMENT

JOURNAL ENTRY = up to FIVE POINTS due by class on Tuesday, September 12th (COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED) Your reading assignment for class next Tuesday (9/12/17) is about the history of yoga and a brief overview of the 8 limbs. I'm in the process of writing a book about...

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