“Heather’s expertise supports my economic development organization in multiple ways. She keeps the APEG website dynamic and she has strategized, launched and maintains our presence on social media. She is my liaison with the web programmer and has learned to use a subscription media database for us. She has created reports to help me understand the reach of the website and our social media messaging and she jumps in to researching solutions to answer my questions. Heather is my go-to person for any and all web and social media questions and support.”

Charlotte Hatfield

Communications Director, APEG

“I was looking for someone to create a professional website for my band. Heather was able to create a very functional, aesthetically appealing and straightforward space that will allow our fans to know who we are, what we do, and where we play. There are so many professional music sites out there with too much going on. I wanted something simple, clean, and elegant and that is exactly what Heather did for us. I gave her my ideas and pieces of other sites that I liked, and she combined them together to create a space that truly portrays the band well. Her use of link placements, layout, and colors really makes our site unique. Heather was also very quick and methodical when it came to getting the job done. Days after I had given her my ideas, she had something for me to see. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Elena Aiello

Lead Vocalist & Songwriter, Apple & the Moon

“I must must must give and continue to give a loving shout out to Heather Church, my web designer/WIMG groupie/yoga mama/firestarter/ organizational goddess/sister and friend, not only for her incredible talent to bring WIMG back to life, but also her gift of working with people (like me) who get stuck seeing the forest and have a hard time seeing how all the trees make up a whole. I’ve been working with Heather on several projects since 2011 from guru intern to hired collaborator to this. She knows all my quirky traits that can either propel me forward or hold me back – she has seen me fall, fail and rise and stumble. To be quite honest, it’s scary working with someone who knows you so well!! It means you really have to admit and surrender to your weaknesses because “there ain’t no fooling anyone.” More than a web designer, Heather has held for me a loving space, sharing her ideas and thoughts, but most importantly, really allowing me to flesh through what felt most authentic to share as my vision and concept for the new Where is My Guru online platform and virtual school. Her patience (Of a saint!!!) makes me feel so humble as she has allowed me to scribble, draw, paint, rip up and take down, color out side the lines, mold and create freely over these last several months. 

The site is far from finished, but I am not a perfectionist (thank God). There are lots of i’s to dot and t’s to cross – but this is the fun part. We can all grow and create it together now.

If you are looking for someone to help you with you web project, please check Heather out! She is a priceless treasure in my life. A mirror to what is possible when you really work together with someone.”

Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

Owner, Where Is My Guru

“I have known Heather for a few years as a client at my massage practice. I was excited when I discovered she was a writer and website developer. I hadn’t worked much on a web presence because it intimidated me. Heather wrote all the copy and completed all the other hard work to get my massage business online. She showed me how to manage my site and has been available to help with all of my questions. I highly recommend Heather for all of your writing and online media needs.”

Jessica Hoffman

Owner, Arethusa Massage