i did NOT spend time in my body today.

sure, i inhabit my body every day, i live in my own skin, but i did not spend time here today. and now i’m frustrated as i’m readying for bed, but there was little i could do about it. client work (and lots of it) was necessary. in truth i’m lucky i get so much body time most weeks. i am blessed.

priority = making time for what is important

my teacher explains the difference between body time and nervous system time … and how as teachers we should speak to the body instead of the nervous system.

so beautiful; a thought that never occurred before, but is absolutely necessary to get to the essence of yoga, practice.

may i live, move, breathe, truly feel my body from the inside out.

to speak from the body i must live from my body. often. a lot. every day. most moments of every day.

the days upon my return home from training weekends are easiest. i love the pace.

but today, not so much.

looking forward to tomorrow …