i don’t like to always sit in a chair.

as often as possible, i like to sit on the floor to keep my hips open.

but since i’m writing every day now, it’s hard to sit on the floor and work on my laptop without causing a lot of shoulder and neck pain.

i began to research ‘floor desk’ ideas and came across something called the dharma desk. great idea, i thought, but didn’t want to spend over $200 for one.

make a desk myself? how hard can it be?

we had extra butcher block counter top in the garage. i bought hairpin legs, and ‘voila,’ i now have an amazing space to work!

simple, beautiful.

what do you think? it’s even better in person.

when we built the house, my awesome husband agreed to a home office for me since i work from home 90% of the time. the idea was to have enough space for individual and small group yoga sessions, as well as an office for my online media work. it’s a small room and i love it – feels quaint and cozy. i’ve tried adding various decorations to the space, but ultimately i like it with very little; my floor desk (now), along with a round rattan table that hosts a yogi frog statue and my doTerra mister. a chandelier hangs in the middle of the room and there is nothing on any of the four walls – i can float to headstand anywhere!

i have the perfect set up for my every day needs – yoga & writing!