I decided to add a few of my last Instagram posts here as I re-introduce and revive my blog. It feels a little like coming hOMe. Why did I stop writing here in the first place and adopt social media as the only form of sharing (for who knows how long)? Kinda makes me sad. I will be posting here instead of on social media for at least the next 40 days, maybe longer.

CHANGE. it’s good, right? but what about massive change, transformation? even better? maybe. gosh, i hope so. but in my experience it’s difficult during the process. and that is where i am today. yesterday i was enjoying a nice conversation with a stranger, and something triggered. i began to cry. i couldn’t stop. i know we store emotions in our bodies, and i FELT many sensations acutely. the two trainings i’m currently enrolled in require extreme awareness, and are creating changes in my body, which in turn are allowing me to see things at a much deeper level. i’m uncovering habits, tendencies, psychological baggage, feelings of complete joy; and feelings of self loathing, the ways i sabotage to steal my own happiness away from myself. i’m confused.

i share here for three reasons … 1. because i’m a human having human emotions that i know others feel too; 2. i’m an introvert and this is the most comfortable place to share widely; and 3. i am a writer who wants to do other writing besides work projects, so this is quick and easy.

but with all that said, i’ve decided to take the rest of lent off from social media. i’m not catholic but i think this practice of giving something up in order to let something else grow (and to deepen connection to God) is beautiful. i love this community but because of all that’s manifesting in me right now, i feel it best to fill my well in other ways … reading, yoga-ing, meditating, journaling, taking nature walks, and lots of other creative pursuits …

i know many of you have reached out thanking me for my posts, and you don’t know how grateful i am, how happy that makes me. please stay connected; send me an email if you’d like my number! big things coming next month … teaching at grass roots, and events planned for hOMe on the 19 in may! until then, friends … be well!