i haven’t written a blog post in a while because things have been busy. that is a good thing, y’all, but i miss posting here – mostly because i like to look back on it later to see what i was up to. i’m back on social media, but don’t want to get carried away with it. i absolutely loved the hiatus and don’t want to end up where i was before.

mom is out of the hospital and started her (very aggressive) chemo treatments last week. she tolerated the treatment itself very well, but has been tired and nauseous since. hoping things start to turn a corner for her soon.

my daughter went to her first prom last weekend. it’s crazy how grown up she is. time flies. she looked gorgeous and had a great time with all of her senior friends.

my friend, rachel, opened a yoga & wellness center in downtown zanesville, grass roots studio. i was supposed to start teaching there but have decided to wait until things slow down a bit. april was a whirlwind and i need to be available to my family. i’ve been working the front desk one day and week and helping her with online media, as needed. will also be doing some writing for her new site to help with seo and boost my portfolio.

and speaking of writing, i’ve picked up three new clients along with the two i had that keep me busy each week, so i’m easily at full time again. i am blessed to do what i love.

its funny how i go back and forth between teaching and writing. some seasons i teach the majority of the time, others i write. balance. always. 500 hour ytt is this weekend and i cannot wait for that – i’ve been so disembodied.

hope your week is going well!

until next time …

namaste, heather