morning view from my back deck – a lot more fun to look at than facebook

so i’ve been thinking a lot lately about my social media cleanse and what i’m getting from it. the results are amazing! i am doing me to the fullest by not constantly seeing what everyone else is doing.

leading up to the break i knew social media wasn’t helping me grow or become a better person. and beyond that, it was clear i had an addiction. sadly, like most addictions it became a cyclical cycle and i was using social media to feel accepted, and to fit in. but guess what? i don’t usually just fit in, and in real life i don’t do things to feel loved. my husband, family and friends will all tell you that i tell the truth – to a fault sometimes; even if it hurts.

what i realized is that it was stopping me from meeting my own potential. there are so many things i want to do, yet i spent a lot of time randomly scrolling, wasting time. and beyond that i began to compare and judge myself based on perceived lack.

how am i being the best yoga teacher i can be living from this mindset? umm, i’m not! it’s been just over three weeks without facebook or instagram. i deleted both apps from my phone. a few results so far …

i feel healthier.

i get more rest each night.

i’m thinking more clearly.

i’m focusing on getting myself healthier in general, and working on several goals that have been on hold.

i am writing a lot, though only sharing parts of my writing here.

i’m able to sit with what is happening longer before presenting it to the world.

i am happier and more present.

unfortunately i can’t delete my facebook account altogether because i do client work there. i also love it as a form of business communication, but once this hiatus is over i will probably only log on once a week to update offerings, etc., then log off. it’s working for me and i can’t be afraid to keep going, which incidentally is the major emotion i felt before quitting. you know the term, FOMO (fear of missing out). but fear is a liar y’all. and all the reasons i listed above resonate more deeply within me than fear does.

so happy monday! do something good for yourself today. this is your life – shouldn’t it be worth living? like really living?

namaste, heather