i attendedĀ orientation at fairfield medical center (fmc) today. i’m teaching yoga to cancer patients and survivors at the cancer resource center, a division of fmc. i feel honored and excited to give back in this way.

mom was released yesterday and i was back today anyway. when we took a tour of the hospital, her room was used as an example of one of the beautiful new recovery suites. it felt strange to talk about the room in such a generic way. mom just spent a week of her life here. she learned of cancer spreading to her bowels in this room. she learned it was inoperable. she left this room with a tube exiting her stomach and the skin of her belly which drains into a little bag she must maintain. no, this isn’t just a beautiful new room for fmc to be proud of. it’s hope and heartache, tears and laughter, love and tension between family members and so much more.

lately my thoughts have been about how much i don’t know, and how important it is to be sensitive to others. my thoughts have been about how much i don’t know what others are going through at any given time. none of us do. i suppose it’s easier to think this way when you’re going through your own shit. i tend to THINK i’m empathetic most of the time, but maybe not. all i know is that i want others to be kind to me these days. my heart can’t take rudeness, insincerity. i owe that same kindness to others, just because.

we watched this video during the orientation this morning. i cried. important for all of us to remember. we ALLĀ have our own shit to deal with. and we are all doing the best we know how. maybe we should all try a little harder, put ourselves in others shoes just because. because we are one human race. because when one of us suffers, many do. because we really are all one …